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Ian Johnstone and the students and teachers of Uplands Park Elem (Nanaimo, BC) ZAP! away the monster Abbey-Yo-Yo - June 4/12


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Ian on steps circa 1965 Here's me with my first banjo. A 4-string tuned like a 5, but without the 5th string. ...seemed to work. :-) I'm on the road. Notice the case. It's a 'Harmony' Seeger-style long-neck 5-string banjo. Bought it in 1967 from George Ryga in Summerland. Ian hitchhiking circa 1968
Ian at Karl's in Manning Park Circa 1974 or 75 This would, of course, be me being soulful. Probably about 1974 or '75 at Karl Abbors' place in Manning Park. That's Fiona (aka 'Fooie') in the foreground. No doubt Lester is somewhere nearby. I've worked with some really super folks over the years. This was at Kids' World at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC. Ian meets Superman
Two clowns out moose hunting The clown on the left is Ralf Sawyer, the one on the right is me. Don't you love Ralf's hat? ...by the way, we didn't even see a moose that trip. But that really isn't the point of going moose hunting. ...at least not for me. This is before the start of the race. I'm bribing one of the mascots at the 1991 Great Nanoose Go-Kart Race. I was in the 'Celebrity' division. I tried to bribe everyone in the race with Monopoly money. Nanaimo's Mayor Joy Leach was quite indignent, in spite of it being only Monopoly money. (This woman was just too serious.) As I passed her, I handed her $5000, and in the heat of the moment, not realizing what I was handing her, she took it. I won the heat. Ian at Boys & Girls Club go-kart race.
Ian at CKEG Summer BBQ party Ever had a really great party? That's what this was. CKEG Radio (Nanaimo) held a family picnic & BBQ for the finalists in their "Summer Sizzler" contest. Sometimes I get to do stuff 'up-close-and-personal'. Like reading a story to some kids and their folks. I like it when parents share a moment together with their kids. Big shows are great for visibiltiy, but I get the most joy from seeing eyes sparkle. Have to be close for that to happen. These are the very special times for me. Ian reading 'The Night Before Xmas'
That's one big fish It's been said many times that I happen to be "one of the world's greatest fishermen". ...okay, okay... it was usually said by me, but here's one to back up the statement. ...pretty nice fish, wouldn't you say?

It weighed in @ 30lbs.

Where'd I catch it, you ask? ...well... Right in the mouth, of course!   8^)

This is the first time in the water for me and my $2 kayak. It's an Ocean Kayak, Trident 13. It's a sit-on-top fishing kayak. "Designed by fishermen, for fishermen."

I had "that feeling" one evening at Muddy Waters Marine Pub. You know the one, when you just know you should play keno at that moment. I won $1500!!!! The ticket cost $2, so that's why it's my "$2 kayak". I'm currently teaching it how to catch fish.

kayak's 1st day - web page1 (181K)
'The Dame' - cropped (56K) While I was living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I was introduced to a form of theatre known as "British Pantomime". I went to the audition and ended up with one of the lead roles, "The Dame". Doing the play was a total hoot. It took me back to my time with the Chilliwack Players Guild in the '60s.

Since ad-libbing was not frowned upon, and either was hamming it up, I was right in my element. 8^)

If memory serves me, in this photo I ("The Dame") am instructing the audience to help me remember to, "Take your medicine!!" I would then pull out a flask and swill from it. Liberally. I never had the nerve to actually fill it with scotch.

I'd had so much fun playing "The Dame" in Riyadh, when someone sent me an email telling me about a British Panto being put on by the Ladysmith Litlle Theatre, I jumped at the chance of doing "The Dame" again.

My sidekick in the play was one of the founders of the Theatre. He helped enormously with learning my lines and we had a fabulous time playing off each other.

In this photo The Dame is being evicted from her home. Seems she owes 10 years rent. She's resisted her removal 'till this point

The Dame rolls on (512K)
fun in the studio (115K) Here in a photo shoot I caught Matt off guard with a funny comment and fortunately one of the other club members caught the reaction.

My camera is a Canon 5D Mark II with an F4 24-105 zoom lens. I've gotten some nice photos with it. One of these days I'm going to invest in a really good long lens.

Another of the shots from the same photo club studio session.

This is one of my 'silly moments'. ...As you can see, over the years I have learned not to take myself too seriously.

I take my work very seriously, but one must have perspective, after all.

me and my 'friendly' eyes (70K)
brush & ripples - facebook (785K) Having spent 10 years in Saudi Arabia, I really must throw in a couple of 'Lawrence of Arabia' photos.

When Westerners arrive in Saudi, they often have an image in their mind of sand, sand, and more sand. In reality, most of the desert isn't sand, it's rock. Very dry rock.

Going to Saudi for the first time, I landed at 10:30pm. The next day we went into the desert for an overnight campout. I totally fell in love with the desert. ...The perfect introduction to Saudi.

dune bush & footprints copy - facebook (1075K)

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