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Ian Johnstone, Under The Eagle's Nest
"Under The Eagle's Nest"
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On Thursday, May 29, 1986, the first Under The Eagle's Nest was published in the Gabriola Edition of the Nanaimo Times. It was about my encounter with a 'big-mouth clam'.

I debued the column in the August '91 edition of Island Fish Finder Magazine telling the tale of my first brush with the now infamous Codzilla. For a while the column appeared in both publications. Soon, however, I focused on the magazine. My last column with them was one I had tried to write each year since I had begun the column. Father's day. June 1995. This is it.

The articles featured on this page will appear in no chronological order. Some will be from either publication, some new and never published before.

...enough already... Here's this week's offering. Enjoy.

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"FATHER'S DAY" ~ aka 'Cool'

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     I'm cool.

     I've always been cool.

     Why, when you look "cool" up in the dictionary, you'll find my picture. The picture of… c o o l.

     I went stock-car racing once. I was cool.

     I went sky-diving once. I was very cool.

     I went bunjy-jumping once. I was particularly cool.

     I hooked into a monster salmon, played it, landed it and released it without the least bit of excitement. Excitement is not cool. I am cool.

     This winter I learned to ski up at Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington had a 650cm base. It was cool. Skiing was cool. I became a skier. I was cool.

     All my life, I've been cool.

     People stop me on the street. They say, "You're that guy that writes 'Under The Eagle's Nest', aren't you? You're one of the world's greatest fishermen! You're really cool!"

     I just smile and reply, "Yes". 'Cause I'm so cool…

     Get serious!

     How much of this "I'm cool" stuff are you buying?

     Truth is, if excitement is un-cool, I'm about as un-cool as they come. I get incredibly excited, grin from ear to ear and babble!

     I went on and on and on for days, weeks, about the 28 pounder I got last year in May. See? I'm still at it!

     It's my Dad's fault, actually. He took me fishing when I was a kid.

     He was a decent, gentle man. Sort of quiet. But he never failed to boast to his poker buddies about the great fish I'd caught and what a terrific fisherman I was. ...Usually when I was sure to overhear. Then they'd all say, "Guess we'd better take Ian out with us next time!".

     And they would.

     They'd let me catch the first fish and get excited and cheer when I landed it! Then for years, they'd talk about how I always managed to catch the first fish and what a terrific fisherman I'd gotten to be.

     My Dad was cool.

     He taught me to fish and taught me it was great to get excited about stuff that was fun. He taught me a lot of good stuff while we were out fishin'.

     Father's Day is this month.

     I miss my Dad.

     I wish I could take him out fishing on Father's Day.

     If he was still alive, I'd find him a Father's Day card that said… "Dad… Thanks for your patience, and thanks for taking me fishing… Pick you up at 8:00."

     Then I'd let him catch the first fish.

     And I'd get excited and cheer when we landed it. And for years, I'd boast about what a great fisherman he was.


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